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When buying apparel or other textile products, always read the hangtags, which provide information that help you to understand the real value of your purchase. It´s not just about price, but also about the performance and quality you are getting. Learn about some of the fabrics you may have heard about and that are making our lives better and more comfortable. Aegis Microbe Shield ™technology is the answer for consumers looking for solutions to odor and microbial problems. This unique bonded technology can be found on a wide range of products, including socks, footwear, sporting equipment & apparel, intimate apparel & underwear, medical and healthcare fabrics. Holofiber®actually repsonds to the body´s own energy system. A recent blind clinical study proves that it measurably increases oxygen level, helping accelerate muscle recovery. Increased oxygen levels reduce the chance of swelling, cramping & fatigue.

Used in T-shirts, running shorts, socks, glove liners, bed pillows, mattress pads, athletic & medical wraps, and diabetic insoles. Unifi performance yarns include: Sorbtek®, moisture management yarn, keeps you comfortable by quickly moving mositure from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates quickly. A.M.Y.® is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic treated yarn that provides anti-microbial protection against odors, discoloration and mildew. Augusta® yarn provides the natural feel and look with the performance of synthetic yarns, which extends the garment life with superior color retention, wrinkle resistance, shrink resistance & lower pilling.