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Here is some information on healthy deer antler velvet : American Heart Association No-Fad Diet - Are you fed up with fads and want a diet that can provide a lifetime of effective weight control? If so, the No-Fad Diet is the book for you!

Lose weight and feel great without taking chances with your health! Learn how to Think Smart, Eat Well, and Move More to stay on track for a lifetime of successful—and safe—personalized weight control. Delicious Decisions Delicious Decisions - will show you just how much "delicious" and "nutritious" can have in common. Glance at our Contents or click on the chapter tabs to your right to enter a world of delicious eating and healthy living. Or, use our Recipe Quick Find to locate dozens of other heart-healthy recipes you can make today.

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Nutrition Facts - Better food habits can help you be healthier. Visit our Nutrition Web site,, for recipes, tips and more. The American Heart Association recommends that Americans eat a variety of foods daily from all of the basic food groups. Dietary Recommendations - Here you'll find the latest advice from medical and nutrition experts on the best way to help lower your blood cholesterol level and eat less saturated fats and cholesterol, and control your weight.


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