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When deciding on which ISP plan is right for you, there are two main factors to consider: your needs and your budget. You want to purchase the most affordable plan that can handle everything you want to accomplish on the internet.

There are three main types of internet service provider plans to choose from: Dial-Up, DSL and Cable. Each of these three plan types download internet pages and files at different speeds.

The fastest is a Cable (around 1000 kilobits per second) connection followed by DSL (around 300 kilobits per second) and Dial-Up (around 30 kilobits per second), respectively. If you are planning on only using the internet for email and surfing web pages, a Dial-Up plan would be perfect for you.

Dial-Up is also the cheapest of the three followed by DSL and Cable, respectively. However, if you are planning on purchasing a membership at a movie or music download website that lets you download unlimited movies or music per month, you will want a DSL or Cable connection so you can take advantage of the offer.


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