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Consumer: When consumers are considering buying digital electronics products, their decisions are significantly influenced by four hopes and four fears. The hopes center on utility and pleasure, and the fears focus on difficulties in making the decisions and efficiency issues. Source: Ziff Davis DigitalLife Monitor Small Business: In the past year, 69% of small companies purchased peripherals and 40% made network/storage/infrastructure purchases.

Source: Ziff Davis Technology Buying Process Study. Digital Gamers - Digital gaming enthusiasts are well-employed, active consumers with higher than average incomes. They also are active buyers of a wide range of digital electronics products. Gamers are attracted to digital technologies that encourage content sharing between computers, video games and other electronics such as cell phones.

Sources: The Ziff Davis Digital Gaming in America Study; Ziff Davis DigitalLife Monitor. Michael J. Miller's Tech Topics for Marketers - Technology at the Winter Olympics - Through sponsorships, businesses have long used the Olympics to promote their products. Considering the importance of and reliance on fully functional technology, the Olympics provide a unique marketing opportunity for technology vendors to showcase their products to a global audience.