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Having friends is a valuable gift that must be cherished on a daily basis. I’m not talking only about your best friends, the ones you call when you’re in trouble, or when you need to share your deepest thoughts and fears, I’m talking also about your buddies, your colleagues, your acquaintances, and all these people you might enjoy hanging out with once in a while.

How does this relate to dating? Well, once you are out in the singles market, these people become an important asset, you should start looking at them not only as your friends but also as your free dating services. Not only that one of them may be single and suitable for your exact desires, but also each and every one of them have their own circle of friends in which there are certainly other singles who are looking for someone like you to have a relationship with.

There are two ways of accomplishing this – the first way is the direct way, which means literally asking your friends to be the matchmakers and set you up on a date with one of their friends. The second option is starting to hang out with these friends and hopefully through their group hangouts (birthdays, holiday parties, etc.) you will get familiarized with their ‘goods’.

The main disadvantage of the group hangouts method is that it might seem abit odd if you’ll start tagging along to every party with one of your colleagues to whom you never said nothing but ‘hello’. Also it will take longer for you to get to know all of the new friends and find out who is single and suitable for you.


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