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Living in the city offers the convenience of fast food. You can buy whatever your taste buds desire, and it can be ready in a matter of minutes! However, country living changes the convenience! When we first moved to the country, many times I would forget that I had to plan each day's meal. There was not the fast food or take-outs around the corner!

Now, however, planning the meals has become routine. No longer does planning meals have to be remembered it is now done automatically.

We find we are eating healthier and no longer snacking as much as we used to. We make large batches of food, like chilly and spaghetti sauce, and then freeze meal size portions. So when we are in a hurry, we have our own fast food ready in the freezer, but with ingredients that we put in exactly to our own taste!

Also, we have invested in a bread maker. (a very simple, inexpensive one) We now make our own bread which is fresher and without a lot of preservatives in it. In addition to making bread, we also make rolls and sweet breads in it.


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