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Are you in the throes of designing a new patio? There are countless benefits when it comes to designing a patio and increasing the floor space of your home! In addition to increasing the square-feet of your home area, it will allow you to have more room to entertain company as well. Combine that with placing on it some teak patio furniture and some tastefully-done patio chair cushions or wicker patio furniture. The possibilities are almost endless! Your patio is something that you can use year-round as an extension of your home when you in close it in with an adequate cover or roof. Why not create a feature focal point for your home by adding a barbecue grill, a built-in fridge or such furniture items as wrought iron patio furniture and a nice chaise lounge chair assortment.


Remember that when extending your entertaining area by designing a patio, it doesn't have to be expensive. You can have various types of surfaces, which include bricks, concrete pavers or clay tile stones. You can use a combination of tiles, bricks, gravel or pebbles that will create a dramatic and beautiful patio surface. Why not put a beautiful edging along your patio with some bricks! If you want to cover your cooking or eating areas, there are many patio awnings available that don't have to be expensive. Consider a retractable design which can protect you during the day from the sun, and still give you a gorgeous view of the garden, or drawn back, allow a clear night sky.


Remember that your patio landscaping can also be enhanced with the right plant selection, and depending on the surface you choose, plants will add texture and color and create a mood for your door living space. When selecting patio furniture, you don't have to spend thousands as there is some excellent discount patio furniture on the market that is durable, rich in style, and sophisticated! Have fun this summer with your new patio!



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