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We have all heard of this happening. Someone needs a copy of Microsoft Word to write their resume. They call their local computer repair guy who comes over and installs it for no cost at all. Microsoft has made it much more difficult to accomplish this with their product activation, but it still happens. Just like downloading music off of the internet for free, some people do not think twice about stealing software. Some people justify this software theft by saying it’s too expensive (Microsoft Office can cost as much as an entire computer). What most people do not know is that there is readily free software available for no cost that anyone can download.

The internet is littered with so called “free” software, luring people to download and use it for free, but in reality the free software can turn out to be “time bombed”, which means in reality, it can be used for a few days or a few sessions, and then they ask for a credit card. This type of software is referred to as shareware. While it allows you to try the software before you buy it, it is sometimes advertised as free only to find out later, it was a waste of time. When you find truly free software, it is usually a preview version of software that is yet to be sold as a commercial version. Sometimes it’s just free; someone wrote the program and allows anyone to use it. Google’s software is a good example of this.



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