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Bicycle racing or cycling is an internationally popular sport with conducted on closed courses or the open road. Track racing takes place at a velodrome, usually a banked 1,093.6 ft (.333 km) oval. Olympic medals are awarded in individual and team track events. Open raod events such as Tour De France encompass hendreds of miles and days of competing with hundreds of riders.

Rugby, a game that originated (1823), according to tradition, on the playing fields of Rugby, England. It is related to both soccer and American football . The game is said to have started when a Rugby School student named William Webb Ellis playing soccer picked up the ball and ran downfield.

Baseball has been known as the national pastime of the United States. It derives its name from the four bases that form a diamond (the infield) around the pitcher's mound. Basic Rules Teams consist of nine players who use a leather-covered hard ball.

Football, in which two opposing teams attempt to score points by moving an inflated oval or round ball past a goal line or into a goal. Differing greatly in their rules, these include soccer (association football) and rugby.



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