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Has someone told you that every site on the web needs tons of copy. Websites looking for good search engine listings must have content on their pages, Google suggest it. Since search engines are hungry for words, you simply have to plan on some writing to get ranked high. If you use more pictures than copy? Don’t despair. There are some strategies that can help you reach a happy medium satisfying both your visitors and the engines.

Use Descriptions - Place keyworded phrases within the alt tags within each graphic. Just a few phrases can add up to achieve good keyword saturation. Don’t Neglect ALT Tags - Don’t abuse them, either! ALT tags (technically known as image alt attributes) are designed to give short descriptions of graphics on your page.

Break the Copy Into Sections - Instead of having all 250-350 words of copy in one place, break your copy into small sections. The engines will find the words regardless of where on the page they are, but your visitors won’t be overwhelmed by seeing all the copy in one place. Place content within the sections of your pages that is not visible when the page first loads. In order to see it, the visitor would have to scroll vertically.

When writing content for a website use enough content to attract the search engines but not too much to go overboard. Have a professional writer re-write your message if needed and dont forget to include phrases you want that page to reach on the search engine.






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