Online SEO - SEM - Optimization

There are a wealth of search engine optimization tips available free on the web to assist internet marketers in improving their page rank. Beware! Many of them are outdated and can destroy your carefully cultivated ranking. When you are reading information on how to make your site more search friendly, always check the date it was posted. It is important to remember that the entire history of the internet as the average person has experienced it spans only a decade or so. Because of the amazing collective memory of the internet, a lot of old info is still floating around.

We've come a long way in that time - especially in terms of how information on the internet is indexed like on, or as you think of it, how your website's search engine ranking is determined. All ideas to getting a higher search ranking have a lifespan. At first they may be wildly successful, pulling in traffic using sitemap generators and playing to flaws in the search engines' logic. When the technique becomes common enough, the search engine programmers use SEO services, take note and adjust their algorithms.

Back in the distant, foggy past (1996 or so) that process could take quite a while and thus the “trick” would stay useful. Nowadays the window between discovery of an exploit and correction by the search engines is much smaller. What's more, the search engines have become vindictive and may very well ban you for using the wrong method of getting traffic. If you rely on Google and other engines for your livelihood, that could spell complete disaster!

Harvey Vaughn is an Austin seo consultant with over 15 years experience.