Online College, University Websites

There are a variety of print, electronic, and web resources that can help you find information on college and universities in the United States of America and around the world. This can include finding details about programs and majors, graduate schools, costs, rankings, admissions, and basic directory information. Florida Colleges is a web-based resource which allows you to: Locate information about a particular U.S. or international college or university. Identify colleges which match personal criteria (e.g. tuition cost, size of enrollment, degrees offered, affiliation, state, and majors offered).

View college catalogs of each U.S. institution and a large number of international institutions. CollegeSource may be accessed from any computer in the Main Library. Please ask for assistance at the Reference Desk. Please note that you will be unable to search this site outside of the Main Library of Michigan State University without a fee being charged. Web Resources - There are a variety of good resources on the web for finding information about colleges and universities. This list is borrowed from the Open Directory Project with modifications.

Please note that if you are interested in a particular institution, visiting its official web site will answer many of your questions. Good web resources include: - Specialized directory of colleges and universities worldwide.