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Lords Prayer, or Our Father, the principal Christian prayer that Jesus in the New Testament (Mat. 6.9-13; Luke 11.2-4) taught his followers, beginning, "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name." It summarizes Jesus' teaching and stresses the concern of honoring God before that of meeting one's own needs. It also reveals Jesus' sense of a filial relationship with God. After the Second Vatican Council, Roman Catholics added a version of the doxology ( "For thine is the kingdom," etc.) to prayer when used in the Mass; the doxolgy was already current in Protestant liturgies and is present in some manuscripts of Matthew. In Latin the prayer is called Paternoster. It also occurs in the Didache. The first three phrases of the prayer parallel the opening words of the ancient Jewish Kaddish.

Let's say that the woman and her sons gathered 100 vessels and the oil poured out to fill all 100 pots and then stopped when she ran out of pots. What if the woman had gathered 500 pots or 1,000 pots? Then the oil would have filled 500 or 1,000 would it not? We too, control the flow of the Lord's blessings by what we're willing to allow into our lives and receive.

How many blessings are you and I missing out on because we have never asked, because we never set out enough pots, or were too scared to borrow pots from our neighbors? With God, nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37). We control the blessings we receive by our willingness to be obedient, to ask, to seek, to accept help from others, to act on faith, and to prepare to receive.