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Finding good real estate listing deals is an art that takes time to master. Like any business, customers are what drive it. Your primary customer is the seller who is motivated to sell below market value. Finding motivated sellers requires advertising, marketing, salesmanship, and, like any business, keeping your nose to the ground.

Nothing happens and nothing matters in real estate until you find a deal. You cannot put together a property deal without a motivated seller and you can only convince a motivated seller to do something creative or that involves a discounted price. A motivated seller is one with a very good and pressing reason to sell below market.

Real Estate Investing, Anybody can do it. You do not need a degree or any kind of special attributes. Chances are you know somebody who as some real estate holdings - a family relative, a neighbour, a work colleague, etc. In many cases, it just started up by owning their own residential dwelling and upon moving to other accommodations decided to keep the previous one.

In other scenarios, they inherited a house of a deceased relative. And the seed was planted. How it grows, nobody knows and worst of all nobody can really predict. At this point you get initiated into renting out a dwelling unit and all the fun that comes with it. Hopefully, your first experience is good.



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