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Advertisers are only paying when their ad performs. But repeatedly, networks also disaggregate advertisers from publishers. The advertisers are no longer choosing the publisher with whom they are doing business, they are instead choosing keywords, concepts and context, which is not a very good model. Instead of advertisers buying PPC space on specific publisher sites, they simply release their ads to the net, perhaps on specified servers where they can easily be found, or on their own sites, and/or through seed buys on one or two exemplar sites (high page ranked sites).

In traditional online marketing models, the buyer holds all the cards. They decide what they want to spend, and most importantly, where they want to spend it. But the rise of corporate marketing and pay-for-performance networks like Overture, Google and MSN has changed this relationship in significant ways.

These ads are tagged with information supplied by the advertiser, for example, who they are attempting to reach, what kind of environments they want to be in. Each listing is still based on how much money they are willing to spend on the ad. Others have successfully used Austin search engine optimization.