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Kids love making Valentine's. Here are some tips for making your Valentine's Day with your child an enjoyable one.

A good idea is to create a Valentine's Day craft kit for your child. In the travel bag include the "necessary" items such as pens, pencils, crayons, tape, glue and construction paper. To spice up a the craft kit, try adding extras such as: glitter, foam, pieces from old puzzles (craft idea below), special markers and paper (stores offer many kinds), wrapping paper, paper punchers, stamps and stamp pad, strip of magnet etc. The best idea is to find small and inexpensive items at Wal-mart or the dollar store. Many times these items are available in the clearance section. Target usually has the best clearance prices on items like this.

Latex balloons come in various sizes and most colour shades, they can be the usual “round” shape or heart or flowered shape etc. They can be filled with either air or helium and used singly or grouped together with some skill and know how to form simple but elegant table centrepieces or elaborate balloon sculptures. If you are hosting a small dinner party, then a simple 3 x latex balloon centrepiece would add the perfect finishing touch to your table. Have the balloons in your chosen colour theme to compliment the occasion.


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